working women

Once Upon a Time…

Fairygodboss was born.

It was a busy time.  I was a mother of a 15 month old, pregnant with my second child and looking for a new job after a corporate reorganization.  I felt confident in my job search because I was proud of the career I had built.  I’d been a corporate lawyer, worked as an investment professional on Wall Street, and also managed a large P&L (hundreds of millions of dollars) as a senior executive.  To my surprise, I found that I was nevertheless facing similar issues to those of a new college grad.

From the outside, its always hard to figure out whether a company or job is a good fit, and what its really like to work there.  And if you don’t know that, you won’t have a good sense of whether you’ll be happy or successful there.  Taking any job is a big bet and I realized that getting the inside scoop on companies and industries was a big part of why I had been successful in my career.  I couldn’t have done as well without a lot of help and advice along the way.

So I stopped looking for a job and decided to take on the job of trying to help professional women make better career decisions.

Why women?  Well, I like women.  Especially hard-working, strong, determined women.  Some even might call me a feminist.  I think despite the world generally being full of well-intentioned people, women face unique social, cultural and institutional challenges in their careers.

I hope Fairygodboss helps make the life of every working woman just a little bit easier.  And eventually I hope that translates into more women doing what they really want to do at the highest levels.


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