working women

Why Just For Women?

Are there any benefits to being women-only?  This question could be applied to a book club, girls’-only schools, a mom’s group, a networking event, a conference, or even this site.  I’ve decided to take a stab at listing the pros and cons.


  • Different (beneficial) group dynamics — e.g. less fearfulness and greater trust regarding motivations (i.e. are you flirting with me or truly interested in what I am saying?) and the more open conversations that result from both
  • Focus on a shared problem that applies uniquely, or mainly to women


  • Group-think potential due to lack of different viewpoints / perspectives
  • Unrealistic manner in which to solve multi-gendered problems (e.g. men need to buy into the problem/solution since they are in positions of power)

I’m sure there may be others but I believe those are the main ones.  Can Fairygodboss have it both ways, by mainly focusing on women but also being open to men who wish to comment and reflect on their workplace cultures?  I guess time will tell…



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