working women

Do You Earn More if You Work Harder?

An old boss of mine used to say that he needed to work harder than the rest of the team because he was paid more.  I don’t think it was 100% true, but it certainly was a very motivational thing to hear!

Working hard does matter.  It turns out that working longer hours for men is correlated (and may even be the cause of) approximately 10% of the wage differential between men and women across all professions.  Today, a provocatively titled New Yorker article “Are Men Overpaid for Overwork?” cites a 2013 study reporting that 40 years ago, men who worked more than 50 hours / week used to be compensated less on an hourly basis than those who worked less.  By 2009, however, those who worked more than 50 hours/week were being paid more on an hourly basis than those who worked less than 50 hours/week.  So where have hours increased most dramatically?  Its not the blue-collar jobs, but the managerial and professional ranks.  And its also in these professional and managerial professions where the gender gap in wages is the largest.





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