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Sharing is Caring! (And A Legal Right)

Sometimes people ask me whether they’d be violating their company confidentiality policies when they share their salary and benefits information on Fairygodboss.  They say, “I think this might be confidential information and I would be violating the company’s policies.”  

Even though all user-provided information will be anonymous on our site, I want to assure you that you’re not breaking the rules if you’re talking about yourself.  In fact, your employer may actually be the one breaking the rules.  You have a federally protected right to share YOUR OWN employment information.  And your right to share this information is not just with your family/friends, but specifically with other co-workers.

Under the 1935 National Labor Relations Act which was adopted to allow and protect workers who wanted (or were interested in) forming a union, employees are specifically protected when they discuss the terms of their employment with each other.  This is for union and non-union employees alike, and very well-established law upheld repeatedly by courts.  Still, some employers don’t know this and draft illegal policies.  There are obviously a few common-sense exceptions to your rights to share pay and benefits information: e.g. if you work in human resources, you don’t have a right to discuss an uninvolved third-party’s pay with other employees for non-HR reasons.  

The good news is that sharing really does help you and others figure out where you stand in terms of your pay and benefits package.  And its completely within your right.  

For more detailed background on the law and your rights, there are a few good articles below:




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